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B i o g r a p h y 

I am a  musician from Turin, I studied piano and accordion.

My passion started when I was a child thanks to the love for music transmitted by my grandmother from my father’s side. With her cheerful Naples mood she approached me to the world of the seven notes with warm passion, by making me taste the magical world of the operas. Fascinated by classical authors like Claude Debussy, Friedrich Chopin and Sergej Rachmaninov, that inspired my first compositions, I then developed during the 80s my personal artistic flair by getting close to the new classic/new age world, thus matching my classical education and the most modern ambient sounds. 

My pieces often refer to nature, as I love living in full harmony with its vibrations.


The sea is definitely my main source for inspiration, as it stores all the emotions that are never alike as they express; any kind of energy lives deep in the sea, appearing in front of the observers with great harmony, touching their heart. 


My very first recording experiences started with two of my pieces, with relevant reviews and interviews, in the “New Age” magazine (nr.136 dated April 2004 and nr.146 dated February 2005), followed by the releasing of my first CD named "Tuscany's Hills" in October 2006 by Dearecords Music Publishing. In January 2008 I produced my new album “Seasons”, recorded in September 2003. This album is dedicated to all the past joyful experiences,  that everyone would like to live again. It stems from memories of summers spent in Versilia, and it is a collection of ten classical/new-age pieces with acoustic and orchestral arrangements that give a symphony feature to the compositions (like in “The Infinite Dream” and “Seasons”).

In March 2008 I produced a new CD named “Windsurf”, recorded, like “Seasons”, in 2003. Its 10 pieces make vibrate all the strings of the soul. “Seasons” and “Windsurf” are also distributed in the American website In 2010 I finished 12 solo piano compositions that are part of an  homogeneous project for a new cd. In March 2011 I got to the finals of the Folkest International Festival, section North West, held in Loan, Liguria. In the same year I was in the selections of the Tour Music Festival, getting to the semi-finals. At the beginning of 2012 one of my pieces “Desire to Fly” was added in the “Promomusic summer compilation” by Joe Black Production. In 2012 I tried again the Tour Music Festival, getting again to the semi-finals.

In June 2013, in co-production with Joe Black Music Production, I recorded a new CD with 10 solo piano and piano with arrangements and orchestrations pieces, that is going to be issued in December  2013. 

In september 2014, in the Final night of competition Soundtrack 2014 - My song "The Last Flight" was among the 5 finalists.

In Juin 2017 my new Cd "Il respiro del cielo": 12 piano compositions

My music is an expression of feelings and emotions but at the same time a description of places and situations. It can therefore be indicated for documentaries or as a soundtrack; it is a music to be listened to with the heart! 


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